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Battle Breaks Records for sale.


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Hello once again.

I got some great Battle Weapons for sale. Most are from the Dirt Style Label.
For those how know that's Q-Bert's label. I have doubles of most because
really is there any other way to play these records.
I am selling them for 10$ each. When you consider they usually sell for 20$
a piece, I'm giving you a deal. But wait! If you decided to get all 22 records,
I wont charge you 220$ but 180$. That's an additional savings of 40$.
Ok that's the sales pitch. Here's the list of reks for sale.

Label Dirt Style:
Gag Ball Breaks qty 2
Sqratch Fetishes of the Third Kind qty 1
Black Market Snuff Breaks qty 1
Sealed Breaks qty 2
Deluxe Shampoo Edition qty 2
Super Seal qty 1
Hee Haw Breaks qty 2

Other labels:
Super Duck Breaks the saga begins qty 2
Invisible Skratch Piklz " Da Klamz of Death" Live recording of Q-bert, Mixmaster Mike and Shortkut qty 1
DJ Rectangle "Ultimate Ultimate Battle Weapon Vol 4" qty 1 2xlp
Scratch Weapons Vol 1 qty 1
Kronik Snaggle Tooth Breakz qty 1
World of Hurt qty 1 (this one is amazing, greats cuts and samples)
Dj Spooky "Haunted Battle Breaks" qty 1
Dj Spooky "Haunted Beatrs " qty 1
Dj Triangle "Battle This" qty 1

This is a first come first serve sale. I rather sell the lot a whole but don't be shy
to purchase a particular record. Also I prefer to sell to someone in the GTA as it's
easier for me to deliver the records. I try to avoid shiping reks for obvious reasons.
Send me a e-mail at cperreault@ndgraphics.com or a PM if your interested.

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what's the quality of the records?

i.e. if you've been scratching with them...are they still in good condition?


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all in great condition

I purchased these records with the intention to learn to scratch and for some of the locked grooves. However I never had the patience or whatever. Anyways they are all in great condition and barely played at all.

I know it's a oxy moron. scratch record usually equals really scratched up record. But not this time

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