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Battle Axe Breaks Tune By Yours Truly!


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Hey folks,

I've had this completed breaks tune I wrote on my hard drive for a while, and I figured I might as well put it out there! Check it out. Let me know if ya liked it or not.

Oh yea, here is some PR stuff to get your mouths watering

Battle Axe is a funky breaks number with a style that would be equally at home at a big club night or in the more intimate setting of a sweaty underground event. The signature tweaked-out funk guitar riff combined with bass lines that move from the mechanical to an organic funk progression unfold with a peak out to a satisfying melodic climax.

Its in my MySpace player -> http://www.imperialthrilla.com

or 320 mp3 here: http://www.imperialthrilla.com/tracks/imperial_thrilla_-_battle_axe.mp3


Imperial Thrilla
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Cereal Thrilla

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I will have to step it up on the production level as I am just cutting my teeth on those concepts. However, it would be a badass collaberation....What sounds better, Imperial Cereal, Cereal Imperial, or Serial Imperial, and Imperial Serial....

Man, there's gotta be better things for me to be doing Friday afternoon.