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BASIC, we're hiring!


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Hey Basic, TPL is hiring.

If anyone else is interested, the library system in Toronto is looking for pages.
$12.21 an hour.

Lillian Smith is looking for a couple of people (varied time schedules but good hours) and so is my branch, Bloor and Gladstone.

LS is at College and Spadina, on College, east of Spadina. And BL is at Bloor and Dufferin, on Bloor, east of Bloor.
Kevin, drop off a resume at my branch or Lillian Smith. We might end up working together!
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No worries. I was looking at my memos and Lillian Smith had all these wicked hours. And once you work, you can change them. It's pretty flexible but you have to be a manipulative bitch at that place to get your way.

You have to always have a "I'm gonna call the Union" face. :)