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Bashment Records - Used Breaks record sale

Pure Silk

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OK guys here it is

- Great discounts for bulk orders (10 or more)
- I will personally deliver all order myself in toronto area only

- Email all inquries to bashmentrecords@hotmail.com


Bashment Records

Breaks records in stock


Artist Title Label Price

Dj Chornic/DJ KJ We are the bass/ 808 music $5.00
Raw Fish
Adrenaline rush sampler numb beats 21 century $5.00
Don’t ever stop/fire thorn 5th gear $5.00
Rock this place/thorn’s theme thorn 5th gear $5.00
Philadelphia Blunts (rene pilgrem) sister, sister autonomy $5.00
Toxic twins I can’t hear you Aureus $8.00
Toxic Twins mind funk Aureus $8.00
La Rissa I do both jay and jane Aureus $10.00
Dj 2DQ wiggle jiggleEP Amigo trax $5.00
Pulsar transient abnormal $5.00
Classified project sunset boulevard anti groove $5.00
Static Brothers The trip EP BMG $5.00
Xpando migration of the Bassex $8.00
Party people
Peter tall vs xpando the octopus EP Bassex $5.00
Metro la go with the flow Bassex $5.00
Bassbin twins 01 (two cartoons Bassbin rec $8.00
Bassbin twins bassbin loops 2 bassbin rec $10.00
Music makes you etc.
Bassbin vs doom selecta 4 track EP bassbin rec $8.00
Bassbin twins bassbin loops 3 bassbin rec $8.00
Boston bruins I wiil be free (dj stew) Caffeine $8.00
M.A.D. Mad love (dj stew) Caffeine $8.00
Aurora vs micheal meacham Exit 9 Caffeine $8.00
Felli & Buddy The exploding fist Caffeine $8.00
Blubba boy 50,000 watts Caffeine $8.00
Boston bruins Uh-Yea 98 Caffeine $8.00
Caffeine Classics Caffeine $8.00
John Debo & Micro Mad Free Caffeine $8.00
Various artists Vol. 3 Caffeine $8.00
B-Boy Front to the back Caged rec $5.00
Faithless Insomnia (dj stew) Cheeky $5.00


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Pure Silk

TRIBE Member
Factor E Midwest coast breaks mix connect $5.00
Kaos engine vs funky general N/a Colony $5.00
Friction & spice The rhythm cosmic $5.00
Friction & spice rhythm rockin cosmic $5.00
Future funk
DJ brad Smith Give me a Bassline cresent rec $8.00
DJ brad Smith A night in Brooklyn cresent rec $8.00
DJ brad Smith Animals/what you.. cresent rec $5.00
Thorne face 2 face/element\ Chunk $5.00
Make a move
Crystal Method Keep hope alive City of angels $8.00

Channel 2 back once again DMC rec $5.00
With the renegade…
Grand AM Grand AM EP Duv rec $5.00
Beats & tracks vol.3 the party… ECB rec $5.00
Beats & tracks vol.4 various…. ECB rec $5.00
Beats & tracks vol.5 various… ECB rec $5.00
Beats & tracks vol.6 various… ECB rec $5.00
Beats & tracks vol.8 various… ECB rec $5.00
Southside reverb musical rush Esp-sun $5.00
Southside reverb Steady breakin/ Esp-sun $5.00
I got the funk
The Freeek various… electrcute $5.00
Elecrosentials My love is free/ eletrosentials $5.00
Time to get funky
Usual Suspects she disrespect me/ end recordings $5.00
Hip hop thang
Demon killa Brock out Eastern bloc $5.00
DJ index Bad boy/2,3 break envious rec $5.00
Dj dave London feel the rhythm funk wax $5.00
The fixx The fixx EP funk wax $5.00
Elite force here comes the flow fused&bruised $5.00
Plump DJ the push/remember finger lickin $10.00
My name
Plump DJ move it with your finger lickin $10.00
Freaky jalapeno gotta get it finger lickin $10.00
2 inda bush in effect finger lickin $10.00
The spoon wizard Pantaloon Functional br. $5.00
Dj stew Low ping EP FNKY $8.00
Dj stew 1-2-3 FNKY $8.00
Mike & Charlie I get live rmx 2xlp just funkin $8.00
Mike & Charlie stylin/everybody get/ just funkin $5.00
Mike & Charlie schoolin your body Epjust funkin $5.00

DJ gumbee hard flavor/sweet just funkin $5.00
Soul brother
Freestylers warning freskanova $10.00
Freestylers up rock EP freskanova $5.00
Arthur Baker Breakers revenge freskanova $8.00
DJ Czech ravers delight futuristic funk $8.00
Funk lab vs eclipse meltdown EP funk lab $5.00
Funk lab Manama funk lab $5.00
OZ & storm this is the situati.. freakinmusic $5.00
Do you like the bass
Silvo Ecomo standing Hooj choons $10.00
Lazarus get your body ready hoodwink $5.00
Merlyn Taken insomniac rec $5.00
Rainbow bridge n/a ICW $5.00
Dynamik bass system Arabian dreams gigolo rec $5.00
Old skool vs new skool The hard stuff jive electro $5.00
Old skool vs new skool whodini/stone roses Jive electro $5.00
Vs icey, keely reverb
Old skool vs new skool Let the breaks roll jive electro $5.00
Nordy mac check this out/in the juice $5.00
Groove armada everybody looks the jive $5.00
Dj liquid subculture EP Journees $5.00
Music instructor feat flying steps super sonic kinetic $5.00
Krazy tracks bonus beats krazy tracks $5.00
(Make me come)
Hot headz let me see if you can kaleidoscope $8.00
Hot headz Turn the music up kaleidoscope $8.00
Dj fixx don’t stop/bay-b kaleidoscope $8.00
Dj volume put it in the mix kaleidoscope $8.00
Dj huda hudia drop the bass now kaleidoscope $8.00
Dj huda hudia pump it up kaleidoscope $8.00
Dj huda hudia maximum power kaleidoscope $8.00
Dj huda hudia c’mon break down kaleidoscope $8.00
DJ 43 how the bass kix kaleidoscope $10.00
NSB vol. 2 kickin $5.00
Cotton club Nu Jack (orginal mix) kickin $8.00
Red Void The churning knight life $5.00
Outlaw music for the people kartoons $5.00
Kelly Reverb danger/come out lone star $5.00
Kelly reverb throw your hands lone star $8.00
Kelly reverb everybody loves norm lone star $5.00
The bridge/electric tex
Rob g/jello/GTM/beat bros. The igloo EP laid back $5.00

Pure Silk

TRIBE Member
Kimball Collins/icey rio grand LA music $5.00
Mr. X & mr. Y free me loud & slow $5.00
Electronauts bumper (plump DJs) lacerba $8.00
Vibal KIM M $5.00
The sexy savannah trailer trash MAFDDAP $5.00
Cirrus stop & panic moonshine $5.00
Carl Cox phuture 2000(hybrid) moonshine $5.00
Micro sound barrier Moonshine $5.00
Audio web test the theory Mother records$5.00
Wille mix & doc roc yesterday & today MOR $5.00
7 miles of music meltdown/fear Napzzz music $5.00
Dj si dogg kick that rhythm phattracks $5.00
Baby anne Bear phattracks $5.00
Dj rob-E listen(it getting closer)phattracks $5.00
Primal Breaks N/A Primal breaks $5.00
Planet of the breaks bridges and dubs planet of the…$5.00
Headtrip head trip in the sky panic $5.00
Albion air 2000 (hybrid) platypus $5.00
Simply jeff 21st century beats/ phenomenal $8.00
Funk da fried trip
Dj self dj self EP phusion rec $5.00
Josh wink higher state of strictly rhythm $15.00
Conciousness ovum rec
Freq nasty that’s my style/goose skint $8.00
Boston bruins vs transformer 2 raise your hands stimuli $5.00
Dj love open connections EP stellar music $5.00
Electroliners crazy train Twitch $10.00
Ghetto train
Electroliners loose caboose Twitch $15.00
Montana Rangers I want you/effect Tree $5.00
Dj Icey January Tree $8.00
Groove acender Groove on Tree $5.00
Lickity spilt all thru the day Tree $5.00
City wide allstars pump the rhythm Tree $5.00
Flat bed ford Green for go
Get your freek on Tree $5.00
Flip flipcharge/Friday jam Tree $5.00
Dj hip-E & red void bouce y’all tweaked $5.00
Eros chicks beans/ tweaked $5.00
Feel the future
General MIDI daft funk/the future TCR $10.00
Uberzone & rennie pilgrem black widow TCR $10.00
Thursday club soundbwoy king pin TCR $5.00
Aurthur baker vs rennie pilgrem like no other TCR $8.00
Rennie pilgrem selected works paranoia/some place TCR $15.00
Funky/black widow
TCR sampler explict breaks TCR $10.00
Outfission weekend EP Thunk $5.00
Tony faline pump up the levels Union $8.00
Tony faline mind over matter Union $8.00
In a groove
Tony faline get up Union $8.00
Dj huff feel the beat/3 am Union $8.00
Tony faline beat it Union $8.00
Tony faline feel the funk/ union $8.00
You like that
Sugarwood put your arms around/ Union $8.00
Feel it
Tony faline go/let me tell you Union $8.00
Tony faline non stop Union $8.00
Tony faline breakdown Union $8.00
Ultimatum uptown connection Ultimatum $5.00
Solid ground mixes
What the….. OZ/glide U turn $5.00
Trajic liquid lunch EP UC $8.00
420 big hits EP UC $5.00
Frankie Bones tha mutha fuckin UC $5.00
Good life EP
Morpheous Suck my motha UC $5.00
Fuckin dick
Dj Hyper vs Dylan rhymes Trigger whole 9 yards $10.00
Darkglobe re-acent/arnica whole 9 yards $10.00
The dust bros.(chemical bros.) fourteen century sky white $15.00
Icey N/A white $5.00
Terra Wrecka vs public enemy terradome White $15.00
White white white $5.00
Jam on Break White $5.00
Wally lopez traix 250/do you weekend rec $5.00
Know my name
Dj kultur everybody get up weekend rec $5.00
Indiego the ruler/yet yourself vise $5.00
Christopher just I’m a disco dancer XL $5.00
Prodigy everybody in the placeXL $8.00
Prodigy fire/Jericho XL $8.00
Prodigy firestarter XL $8.00
Stark domino XTC $5.00
Chris Gallagher Can u feel it (dj x rmx)Xquizit $5.00
Chris Gallagher canu feel it Xquizit $5.00
N/a get unconscious X $5.00
Dave London Fright nite yes mate $10.00
Rennie pilgrem waveform-deep dubs yes mate $8.00
DJ 43 pepper spray yes mate $10.00
Dj dave London get down tonite yes mate $10.00
Dj dave London get down tonite rmx yes mate $8.00
Hyper presents Y3K volume 2 Blue) distinctive $8.00
Dj baby anne version 5.1 zone $8.00
Dj icey the one /message from Zone $8.00
Dj icey I dreamt music Zone $5.00
Dj baby anne the bass queen Zone $5.00
Dj icey Cruise/position in loveZone $5.00
Dj icey double F/
Soundscape rhythm Zone $5.00
The cfp project stardate 2055 Zone $5.00
Montana rangers electricity Zone $5.00
Nice + C4 bad ass mutha zazoo $5.00

Breakbeat garage in stock

A test N/A N/a $10.00
Ellie dee & syrous N/a white $5.00
Dj luck Mc neat little bit of luck white $10.00
Jammin kinda funky bingo $10.00
Dj zinc Trek 138 phase one $10.00
Hackney soldiers Da string tune new deal $10.00
Basement jaxx where’s your head at XL $10.00
Dj zinc shell toe addias white $10.00