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Bashment Records - New UKG records!!

Discussion in 'Breaks Room' started by Pure Silk, Mar 8, 2002.

  1. Pure Silk

    Pure Silk TRIBE Member

    I got some UK garage - 2-step records for sale

    Beverly Knight - Shoulda Woulda Coulda - Parlophone


    Daniel Bedingfield - Gotta Get Thru This - Relentless


    Jon Cutler - It's Yours (4x4 rmx) - Promo

    (cut, and paste into your real player)windows media

    K-Warren feat. 2ton - Paradise - White

    (cut, and paste into your real player)window media

    Dub Syndicate - Tell me Babe - White

    T.J. Cases feat.Sarah jane Tuson - Don't you stray - Cut n Play


    Once was nice - No need for problem - W10

    Spill the Milk - Winter or summer - W10

    Urban Legendz - Musik/Ure My High - Fibre rec.

    Chaka Khan - I feel 4 U - White

    Dangerous Crew - Popcorn - Wyild Pytch

    Micheal Montana - Majic Carpet - White

    PDC Winter sampler - Runaway/my lady - PDC

    To hear the records that I do not have sound clips call me at


    all records are selling for $15.00 tax included.

    Email all inqueries to:


    I will be more than happy too deliver the records myself! if in toronto area.
    Last edited: Mar 8, 2002

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