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Basement Jaxx


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At this moment I am not sure where my head is at!

That concert was so much fun!!!!
Got to hear it all, and loved every minute of it.
Their singers and dancers were a sight and boy could those girls belt it out. AMAZING!
So many smiles in the place.

After "Where's your head at" and "Rendez-vous" I was a very happy girl, but they just kept it going and going and going, so I kept screaming and jumping and waving my arms around until I thought I would drop.
That was so worth the ticket.
I can go to sleep very satisfied.


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i had a great night. walked in at 11pm and they were just getting started. wasn't really sure what to expect since it was a last minute decision to go - but well worth the night. Basement Jaxx live in concert - very nice.

rating (suke style) 8/10.

Klubmasta Will

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best night out in a long time.

production and visuals were INSANE! so were all the little extras like the caribbean costumes and that dancer with the flowing dress (not sure what the style is called ...)

great crowd too. very lively and very friendly.


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Wow. Two great live shows in three days; Orbital and now the Jaxx.

I was very unimpressed when I walked into Kool Haus (I still hate that) and saw it looking dingy and gross, mildly reminiscent of the Warehouse days. Drank some gin, some beer and tried to get into a kinda wack performance by the opening act, Ugly Ducklings. Old school flavour is nice and all, but tell these boys it ain't '86 anymore. Shit, I bet they were still in diapers in '86. Best part of UD's set was their DJ dropping "Long Live The Kane before the MCs came on.

Then came the Jaxx. From the moment the huge super-pixellated images came on behind them, the dancer in full "African" garb came out I knew it was gonna be a good show. Nice hearing tracks from "Remedy" and even the couple from "Rooty" that I like being played live. Track highlight for me had to be hearing "Broken Dreams" live.. love that song. I think that some of their interludes were better than the songs themselves.. especially when it comes to stuff from "Rooty". "Jus One Kiss", "Do Your Thang" both are shite tunes. I just couldn't dance to some of the stuff if you paid me. If I don't like a song, hearing it live usually doesn't change my mind. Although I really enjoyed the rendition of "Get Me Off", a borderline annoying song with great growling synth enhanced by the comic value of having a hot woman on a chair with a nother hot woman crawling all over her and "making out". Pure laughs, at least I hope they meant it as a joke. I looked around and only saw one other person laughing, though.

Left one song into the encore, as frankly I couldn't be bothered to wait forever to get my coat and then be fucked getting a cab home to the west end. What tracks did they play?

All in all, a super-fun night.

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^^^ have to agree with your review... I didn't do much dancing but had a fantastic time! I wan't sure what to expect as one of my friends had seem them before and said they were terrible! (He changed his mind after seeing them last night though!)

Show was to short for 30 bucks IMO.

All in all a good night!

Bobby Thrust

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That was one of the best SHOWS that I have seen in a long time. It is always a bit odd to see a dance act in concert form but I was a bit drained after the show so I did not mind that it was short. I barely danced despite the fact that I was very happy. I was too transfixed on the dancers. Normally I would not care about such things, but these people were amazing. They were as much a part of the music as the beats!
That and I do love seeing a guitar incorporated now and then. Then by a twist of fate, I happened to end up meeting a couple of the dancers that I had been admiring from the back of the place and talked about raisin bran. The usual.
Another highlight was watching Will go off. Watching other people having fun forces you to make certain you are having fun too!
Rockin time...then it was off to Tonic for the Eastern Bloc night that was also off the hook. Getting there for a Paul Walker, Jelo, Deko-ze tag set was AWESOME!
Tonight felt like a Saturday, except that I had to get up to work in the morning.
Fun one!



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MY ears are still feelin' the effects of last nights show. Basement Jaxx lived up to all my expectations, visuals, dancers, singers, costumes...The vibe was wild, everyone in a good mood, it was quite the concert experience. It was a perfect end to the evenin' when sneak got up on stage and got down to the final tracks...Opening act Ugly Duckling were'nt too bad, I felt they have some tracks which'd be very marketable in today's musical climate...They opened up nicely, leading into one crazzzzyy show. I was so pooped from dancin' non-stop, that it was just home to bed for me. Did anyone else find the vocals very ear piercing?? A bad job, in my opinion, by the sound guys FOH. By the way BigBadBaldy, there last track was Bingo Bango, it was a brilliant conclusion, with all the vocalists, dancers, percussionist coming back on stage....
Well worth the $25


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that was a RUFF show...so hard and dirty some of that stuff is...vocalists were divine..,simon and felix looked like they were making love to the freakin equipment, i loved it...

when they dropped Fly Life, I freakin' peed myself....

all the goodies from Remedy and Rooty were played and the stuff i didn't recognize was even better...


the visuals behind them were awesome and the sound was just right :>

i just wished they introduced everybody... like who was the bongo guy, ya know?

opening act...funny as hell, those lyrics...

thanks to Brad for making it happen, and to da crew which included Jo and Finch..."that track is really crackly"...WHAT!!

highlight of the night...meeting Sneak

second highlight of the night, watching Jo jump out of her skin after meeting Sneak>lol

peace and mad love in live PA's....
ps-waddup to Rob Selecta


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Libradragon:

rating (suke style) 8/10.


I don't rate my parties. I think you have me confused with

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Klubmasta Will

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brian - it was nice seeing you too. next time, we'll have to have a drink.

janice - i wish i saw you there. i saw some of your friends as they were leaving but you weren't with them. see you soon, though, i'm sure.

Bobby Thrust

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It is a deal. I think you were on the same page as me and did not want to take your mind of the SHOW!!
More drinking next time!
I am still excited about what a reminder of the fact that you can be wowed by a live act on every level.