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Baseball Cards


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Who else got caught up in that crazy baseball card phase in the early 90s?

I was certain that rookie cards would overtake stocks as the most solid investment mechanism.

The following were the prizes of my collection:




I also was certain that Ben McDonald was going to be the next Bob Gibson.

What were other tribers prized cards?
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1992 ken griffey donruss elite card, was valued back then at 340, now 35
1989 ken griffey upperdeck rookie, was 75.00 now 20-35
1995 or 1996 upperdeck alex rodriguez star rookie (electric diamond), got it graded, was selling at auction for 1200.00, i have 3 of them, and 3 other rookie cards of him worth around 60

bobby orr rookie, 3200???(but i dont get that untill my uncle dies)

3 michael jordans uperdeck 1991 sp1 baseball rookie cards, i am clueless, but they were worth something

i was all about the insert craze!!!

too bad cards are worth crap right now, it is sad to see how muchthey are going for on ebay , even with this new "grading" system, btw is there aplace in t.o. that does grading? legends of the game??


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My experience with cards reached its apex in Grade 7 when I bought a whole box of proset cards in the hopes of getting a Raghib Ismael card.
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I have Jordan's rookie and second year card. Well I have a card to represent every year in the NBA.



The Scottie Pippen rookie with his name spelled wrong on one side (Pippin)

Cam Neely rookie card.

I have a ton of cards, but to get anthing for them in Toronto most dealers want them graded by a company like Becketts and I'm too lazy for that now.
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