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Barry Weaver @ Element


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FIN-ALLY Suke has come BACK ... To The Party Review Forum :eek:

Stepped into the arena at 1:30am with my man A to the Izzo. Went downstairs to hear Weaver. Started off kinda slow and was on some electro / retro vibe. However, this electro / retro vibe had a bassline, unlike some of his past electro / retro vibes. I didn't mind as it sounded dope. Got DiRtier around 3:30am.

Played alot of tracks that you could tell were from the mid 90s. Dropped some rap over house, dropped the "Barry Buckle" with quick in and out cuts and heard some hard percussion. I enjoyed the set. Not too many people so there was room to dance. Felt good to dance again.

I only heard one needle skip, other then that his set was very smooth. Mixing was on point.

Safe! set.

Shouts to Stretch for the links.


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I was surprised to come into element at 1 am to find the place empty. I had never seen that happen for weaver. So where the hell was every body! He played a great set and it seemed to be still enjoying himself. Seeing Suke was definitely the highlight of my night ;) (dude, you need to get your butt out more) and dancin with some ol' Barrie party buddies. I wanted to stay just when he really started throwing it down but duty calls and i had to work early:mad: Anyway, great music last night and like we used to say, Leave it to Weaver.


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Yo! S- D-a-double-g. Sorry I missed you at the place. You know I had commitments as I haven't missed Barry since he played in Hamilton back ?? Hope my 'jackasses' came out and represented.
Hi Sherene :) .
"I'll be back..."--------------->(governor) Schwarzeneggar '89.


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Well I had an awesome time... and I thought Barry's set sucked the fat one!

But alas as life moves on I come to realize that as long as I have good friends to hang with everything is gonna be alright :) So I had a great time inspite of the fact that Weaver had no interest in actually performing for the crowd IMO.

Shout to Suke.. always a pleasure seeing you bro.

Special shout to my old skewl bracelett pal Lady Linzee.. I wish we could have chatted longer, but I was in a state that if I tried you would have ended up with way too much drool on you... I love doubles :)

Thanks for having me Tdot... I don't see enough of you and never get to see enough of the peeps I would like to... anyhoo Happy New Year

Jamie :)


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I was saving myself for the industry party, so i didn't go out. I had a bad time at the industry party though, so i wish that i had gone out to this.

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