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Barry "the dream" Weaver March 13.


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Yo, Yo, Yo! Time to gather up all y'all Weaver Believers for the latest installment of turntable "fuckedness".
Who's down?

p.s. it's at Tonic.
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Right Mutha Fuckin' Here.

Barry "DIAL 911" Weaver plays the 9 and I play the target ... you all know my name so I guess I'll just start it.

My posse from the bronx is THICK! is THICK! is THICK!

I'll be back but for now just sekkle.

Lisentin' to a little BDP ====================> Suke.

Smiley Jo

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*holds in heaping sobs*

I'd like to extend my most sincere apologies to Mr. Weaver and the ATM crew, as I shall not be able to attend this engagement.



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oh jo you make me laff....
it's not a wedding......
sometimes we just gotta 'cheeeeeeeeeeelllllllllllll winston'

ps-i'm hunting you down still
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