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Barrie vs. Collingwood


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So I've offered to take a snowboard virgin to the hills this weekend. She plans on doing the whole rental, lesson, beginner lift package.

Who's got the best beginner hills?

Since after the lesson I'll be riding with her, I'm going to be stuck on the beginners as well. Mt St Louis has a couple decent little hills. Is Blue any better? Is it worth the extra car ride and $$ to learn at Blue Mountain. I've never actually paid much attention to the beginer lifts at blue, so I'm not quite sure what hills they service.

After this first time I'm definitely taking her to Collingwood, but for the first time is it worth it?
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Do not put her in a lesson program... She can go down the hill on her ass for free dude... And watch what the lesson people are doing, also for FREE... Unless of course, you are looking to break away from her and have some fun for an hour...



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I did that beginner package lesson thingy at Blue Mountain and found it very helpful. I was skiing though.

I'm sure it was more of a mental comfort than anything, but I'd recommend it...unless of course you feel comfortable explaining things and helping her out for about an hour.

I'd maybe recommend doing a private lesson, but if cash is an issue then the group one is okay for the basics, but it's only the basics.

Anyway, have fun.


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I taught two people before. The problem is I can't explain how it all works as well as an instructor. They had a very basic understanding of it after I taught them, but they both ended up taking a lesson and it was well worth it. A couple issues on turning were much better explained by the instructor.

How big is the crowd in their group lessons?

Blue has a Burton deal that's $79 with a guaranteed 1:6 instructor/learner ratio. And then you get some coupon that gives them a discount for an intermediate lesson and full mountain access another time. It's $20 more than the basic group package though. A little steep, but perhaps worth it.
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It wasn't a huge group. But definitely more than 6 people (I think). Maybe I took a different group rate or something.

$79 seems like a good deal to me.

A big group is just a little boring, because the instructor explains something and then you all try it. So you have to wait for everyone if it's a big group. Waiting = boring.

I would've definitely paid the extra $20, but I was with a friend visiting from Mexico and she was nearing the end of her budget :)