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Banned MSN IDs?


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So far, other than the obvious obscenities, I've discovered that words like 'money', 'microsoft'. and 'remember' are also banned user IDs. There doesn't seem to be any explanantion to the words that Microsloth is choosing to disallow. Anyone else encounter any strange ones? I'd like to compile a list.


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"Services" isn't allowed either. My original idea for my current name was "Hymen Repair Services" but I had to change it.


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haven't tried anything on msn, but on a related note, yesterday I was having fun typing in random names into my address bar and seeing what came up. I tried start.com. nothing comes up in the page, but whois accounts microsoft as owning it.

have you also noticed that when you type in an unknown address in ie, a msn help search function pops up with links to msn.com? that's a nice thing they built into ie to get more hits.


Sporty Dan

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A lot of M$ services are connected together..... they probably use keywords like that to communicate with each other. Using them is usernames could lead to bugs and crashes...

And atomic: You can turn that off in Control Panel > Internet Options.