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Ban on U.S. poultry widened in Asia


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Ban on U.S. poultry widened in Asia

Last Updated Sun, 08 Feb 2004 19:54:21

TOKYO - Three more Asian countries have banned U.S. poultry after confirmation that some chickens in Delaware contracted bird flu.

INDEPTH: Avian flu
( http://www.cbc.ca/news/background/flu/avianflu.html )

Japan, Malaysia and Singapore announced import restrictions on Sunday, following an earlier move by South Korea.
Authorities in Delaware ordered the destruction of about 12,000 farm chickens on Friday after test results confirmed that a flock was infected with a mild version of avian influenza.

The action was taken even though officials said the disease is not a threat to human health, unlike the bird flu sweeping through poultry farms in many parts of Asia.

The Delaware Department of Agriculture continued testing chicken flocks on neighbouring farms on the weekend to see if the flu had spread. It was not known when the results would be released.

In Asia, at least 18 people have died after direct contact with infected poultry – 13 in Vietnam and five in Thailand.

More than 50 million chickens have been slaughtered in an effort to contain the disease in Asia. The countries include Vietnam, Thailand, China, Cambodia, Indonesia, Japan, and South Korea. A milder strain of bird flu has surfaced in Pakistan and Taiwan that is not considered a danger to humans.

The U.S. government has banned the import of birds from more than half a dozen southeast Asian countries. China, meanwhile, confirmed Sunday that six provinces had infected poultry. There were no reports of any people becoming ill, according to Chinese state television.

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