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Definately bangin'!

Very good party, Darrell!

A major success for you, and our scene.

<A HREF="http://vidman.ca" TARGET=_blank>PICS from the PARTY will be online by WEDNESDAY! http://vidman.ca[/url]
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[- FuNKtiOn -]

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Indeed. The night seemed to go quite well.
Congrats on another great night, Darryl.

Glad I made it back to the tri-cities and got to see so many familiar faces.



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Last night was def hype...Bam Bam played one of the sickest sets I've heard in a long time, my only complaint was that he wasn't on for very long. The other thing, I can't believe how many cops there were...I've never seen that many cops anywhere before, at least for that number of ppl, it was a joke...the lineup kinda suct too, waiting in the cold for 50+minutes was shitty...
other than that, a wicked party, hopefully Innercity will finally give the local scene a decent club with real headliners...


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Good sized crowd, but FAR too many anal security and police at that event. I saw 2 people being busted for possession by the cops as soon as I walked in the door. Kinda started the night on a negative note.

But then I found the drinking area and spent some quality time with the bar.

Yes, Bam Bam went on a bit late. But you know what? It didn't matter. Cuz I didn't care to hear him play. I honestly thought it was one of the most boring sets of music I have ever heard in my life. There's no other way to describe it other than boring. He also fucked up 3 of the first 4 mixes that he did, so my guess is that he went on late in an attempt to "sober up" before he played, hence the reason for the first few mixes being completely off.

I really only went to this party to see friends, so I still had fun. I only really enjoyed Pete's set at the end of the night, but alas I wasn't able to stay right til the end.

I was glad to see a good turnout though, I hope this is the start of some good K-W partying.

Cheers ... Ian


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I had a great time at this party!
Saw lots of people I knew and hadn't seen in a while, met some new people it was quite the party or club night whatever you wanna call it!

The music ahh god, I was actually glad when Bam Bam came on cause it was a different sound. The shit from like 12-3 was boring as hell!

I wish I could have stuck it out till the end to hear some trance it would have been soothing!

But yeah it was a great party great work DEJ!

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What was the turnout like? I wanted to go but I had to pick my wife up at the airport at midnight...

Sounds like it went over well.


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Mike was drink

really realy drunk.
Mike had fun being drunk.

Mike doesn't like hardhouse even when drunk, but the techno was really good... I really enjoyed that.
Chatting it up with Sarafina was good fun too, and I met Jeffus!



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Hey guys I'm glad to see people talking about the party before I even had a chance to comment. As far as the night went it was a sucess, DEJ is now taking over Saturday nights every week! The security was a bit tight I kept telling them to take it easy and leave people alone. They wern't expecting so many people and didn't know what they were doing. Next time I will make sure I go over it with them SORRY. I couldn't help the cops (another reason why security was anal) We were the only bar packed in town so they all decided to show. + there was free day old doughnuts in the alley way.(he he he) If parties like this happened more often securtiy and police woludn't be running around with their heads cut off not knowing what to expect! Thank-you everyone for comming out and showing me that Kitchener still knows how to party

If anyone has questions please e-mail them to me.


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he went on late in an attempt to "sober up" before he played, hence the reason for the first few mixes being completely off.

Did you ever thing that maybe he had a bit too much sex?


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Security was definitely no fault of the promoters. It's just K-W ... my friends and I have discussed at length the chronic problems with security personnel at almost every establishment in the city. But alas, I could fill an entire other thread on that topic.

Anyhow ... I've always enjoyed Inner City as a club with that whole "theme" idea (despite being a little cheesy). I also enjoyed taking advantage of inexpensive alcohol, well, compared to Toronto prices at least.

Overall, a good night out and kudos to DEJ for trying something new in K-W. Best of luck in future events!

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Good job DEJ Productions.
Over all the night started out not too great I was just so tired and so on but after 3 it got very very good. Bam Bam was decent I'm not a big hard house fan but it was definatly worth 8 bucks! The funniest moment was I went downstairs half an hour before it got shut down and it was amazing! sooooooo much dancing room . I'd have to say like 10 sq. feet per person. It was empty down there . but it was soo good. more ppl should have been down there, but since K-town is such a techno city its understandible. it was good just to see everyone there . matt, dolly ,caroline, heather, mel:) , jamie, jeff, john, . jen it was good to finally meet you.
sarafina I'm not nub. You now know who I am.
good job DEJ productions. I just wish you could get madam zu back for an all ages night like saterday. just for those of us who are stuck in the realm of 18 or those younger too.

Subsonic Chronic

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I had a lot of fun Saturday night!

I wasn't much into the tech-house being played up until 3am, but there was a drinking area so that problem was solved.
($4.75 Rev - it's no Red Bull but it does the trick) It's an interesting venue, the themes are a little on the cheesy side, but the layout of the club still beats a lot of places in Toronto. It was a nice change. The crowd was really fun to spin for! I didn't know how many people would still be around by 4, but the place was kicking... I could play my relatively harder stuff (NRG, UK Hard House) and people looked like the really wanted to dance to it, and that was a nice feeling.

What's also enjoyable about clubbing/partying in K/W and the whole non-smoking anywhere law is coming home and not smelling like rave funk.

All in all a most enjoyable evening.



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Ninja: Sarah told me about thinking that you were me... that was rather funny.

Looking forward to next month... I may not be a breaks or booty fan, but just the people there is going to be great



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I had a great time.

As mentioned many times over, the security were overly picky, though maleable. They gave us serious guff, but eventually let us our way after some sweet talkin', each time. The cops... what can ya do... It's Kitchener...

Most of the things I found irritating had all to do with the security or the bar. Though the coat check and door security were pretty understaffed, it still didn't take that long to get through (memories of PVD last weekend... shudder..) The smoking law is irritating at a place like Inner City, where there really is no 'outside' place to go to comply with the rule.

Again, the tech house was absolutely irritating, but not surprising, as it is the curse of Kitchener. And again, being in the drinking area sufficiently dimmed out the static, repetitive, boring beats enough for me to enjoy conversation and cocktails with many interesting people. Personally, I would have preferred if Subsonic Chronic could have swapped slots with Bam Bam; and I suspect I am not alone in that boat.

The turnout was really good! I was very impressed in that respect. I hope this turnout can be repeated though, as many of the locals I've spoken with since then expressed disappointment with the (earlier) music, and that it would affect their decision to attend future events.

All that crap notwithstanding, I had a great time.



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Although I didn't make it out on Saturday, I must give some respect and congrats to Darrel for pulling this off successfully.

I gave up on K-W two years ago with our last Slamwerks party. I'm hoping some of my faith has been restored.

K-W partiers are just about the pickiest bunch of punters I've ever come across.

Help keep things alive and GO (kind of ironic since I didn't make it out on Saturday!) to these events. PLEASE don't let it slide off like previous club nights.

The more you folks go, the better DJ's Darrel can bring in and the better time everyone has.

This city has some very talented DJ's. Lets hope we finally have a venue in which to hear them.

Heck knows, I've tried to do it about 3 gazillion times with only mild to no success!

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Originally posted by loopdokter:

The more you folks go, the better DJ's Darrel can bring in and the better time everyone has.

This city has some very talented DJ's. Lets hope we finally have a venue in which to hear them.

I agree with Jay the more peolpe who come out means better the DJ's for U. Also more people means cheaper ticket prices!

The following three weeks are 19+ and only $5.00 for admission...$1.00 cheaper than REV and a bigger louder room to party in

Ms. Fit

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WOW this was a great party, sure the security guards were tight-asses but they were just doin' their job...

i got there around 1:30am, in time to hear some banging techno and the crowd was very interesting, unique from the tdot ppl.

the jungle was hypeness, i'm a big fan of everfresh and expected no less from his set and he delivered -- raw, dark jump-up...too bad the crowd thinned out when his set came on, but i guess that's cuz BAM BAM was on upstairs. his set was bangin' for real...love the hard house...and he ended off with one of my fave hard house tracks, dunno what it's called but it has that dominatrix-lady doing the voice over
subsonic chronic's hard trance set was great too, and he teased the crowd a bit by throwin' in these funky breaks here and there (i guess they were part of the tracks he spun?).

whew! all in all, a good time was had...i think this will be the breakthrough party for the k-w scene.

respect to DEJ!