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Balance 006 - Anthony Pappa

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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Nice it has been forever since Pappa has made a compilation. He proved he still has it last visit to Toronto.
Can't wait.


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saw this in the g.l.u.e.d board...

don't really know if I am going to get it..'cause pappa has never really done it for me.


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^^^ i agree... although his TO performance a couple months ago was actually quite decent...
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I think prog-wise, I'd take Pappa live over anyone...

His Red-Square gig was the best set I heard in 2002, and last time out @ KoolHaus, he warmed up for Howells incredibly well.

I'm curious about how the recorded set sounds though... Resolutions was kinda flat.


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^^his nubreed is still one of the top 20 comps (maybe 10, but that may be pushing it) in the prog genre...some great tracks & an awesome mix...check it out...



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Originally posted by Aequitas
Resolutions was kinda flat.

resolutions !!! = :mad: :mad:


resolutions = ZzzzzzzzzzZZZ *turn over* ZZzzzzzzzZZZ *adjust pillow* ZzzzzzZZzzzzz *then* Wake up...cd is over.

geeeeez.... very very boring mix
x ( x ( x ( x ( x ( / 5
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I dunno...don't follow Anthony Pappa much, but Holden's 005 is gonna be a hard act to follow. He kind of raised the bar for the Balance series from here on out.

We'll see....