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Bal en Blanc - April 16th


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Who the hell is going to this?

God damn the line up isn't bad.

Salle House/ House Room:
Deep Dish 2006 “George is On' World Tour”
deepdish.com / bullittbookings.com / Washington / USA
David Guetta F*** Me I’m Famous / The World is Mine
davidguetta.com / Paris / FR
Peter Rauhofer
*69 Records / peterrauhofer.com / New York / USA
Nic Fanciulli
Buick Project / bullittbookings.com / savedrecords.com / UK
Stephan Grondin
X-Union / Unity II resident / Stereo resident / Fly (Toronto) resident / *69 Records
Twisted / Shure / Montréal / CAN
Danny Torrence Red Lite / Stereo resident
dannytorrence.com / Montréal / CAN
Salle Trance / Trance Room:
Armin Van Buuren
arminvanbuuren.com / Hollande
Infected Mushroom
BNE Records / Coast II Coast Entertainment / Israël
Relic Music / djpreach.com / CAN


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there are a bunch of us going down.....first ever Bal en Blanc for us.....looking forward to it!


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hrmmm, there WAS a roll call thread for this already, seems to have disappeared...regardless, I'm still hoping to go to this, although Decadence has first priority that weekend.