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Bal en Blanc à Môntreal!

Discussion in 'Event Reviews' started by Tech_Head_Rob, Apr 1, 2002.

  1. Tech_Head_Rob

    Tech_Head_Rob TRIBE Member

    well that was definitely the craziest party i've ever been too. Over 8,000 people in two large rooms going off like only MTL can!!!

    Paul Van Dyk is funny... i think the extent of his movement on the decks (including facial movements!) was one time when he put a little oomph into uppping the gain
    hahahaha, prima donna German mon. Technically wise he was alright, none of his mixes were particularly long but the set flowed very well and sometimes he used the DJM 600's effects to make a creative little mix. Plus his second last track was '1998'... big it up! :D

    Deep Dish... prog house sucks, sorry but I'm convinced. They started off their set with what i like to call 'prog techno'... that is prog that pretty much follows the same structure as techno, but its slower and the djs seem to think that playing the track for 5 minutes is a good idea. But the set definitely warmed up after an hour or so... they played a lot more 'traditional prog' i guess you could call it... more of a duple meter beat so the track doesn't seem quite as monotomous, with some good ol' cheesey vocals and synths... there were even some moments of funkiness. We were out of it by 8am, so we left with still two hours of their set left (and another 6 until the party was over!!!- i could still go if i wanted to!).

    About the sound, i found it really good actually. When you go to a big party you expect crap sound, so considering the venue i think the sound was alright. There were definitely sections where the sound was crap, but generally you could find a nice large speaker to position yourself next to. Besides, if you were off to the side you were missing the real party anywhoo.

    The best thing about the party was the amount of beauty that was there. I was absolutely astounded by the Montreal women.... so hot !!!(nicely accuentated by the very skimpy white outfits 90% were wearing!!!). I really couldn't stop staring... my jaw was firmly locked into a look of amazement. I am officially taking conversational french next year.

    Now to go to bed...


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