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Bad samples

Subsonic Chronic

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ahaha... are you talking about that Dynamo track?

I wanted to play it badly at the TribeBQ, but could not stand that awful sample, so I replaced it with an even better (worse?) sample out of You Got Served.

I really dug the track, especially the break part of it, but holy shit that's one of the worst samples I've ever heard in a track before. Just horrendous.


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I heard it again on the new compilation Duality, and this sort of crap also comes up on the awful Electro Nation album, fresh out of the intergalactic cheese nexus (Israel). Yeah, Dynamo has that going on as well... there are a batch of other really hideously cheesy samples floating around, all about flying to infinity or looking inside your heart or come on come on dance with me!

It's just bad. Real bad.

I highlight the castles in the sky bullshit because it is a particularly nauseating breed of fromage. What are the producers thinking? "All the little kids on E are gonna lurve dis choon!" *strokes wallet*...or what? I take it the sample is already infamous from ordinary eurotrance?
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Sleepy Giant

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Originally posted by basilisk
I take it the sample is already infamous from ordinary eurotrance?
I haven't hear the particular track you are referring to, but 'Castles in the Sky' was done by Ian van Dahl.


It's horribly cheesy eurotrance. That said, the synth riff from 'Will I' blows me away everytime I hear it.

Imma go kill myself for saying that.
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ian van dahl.. and dj sammy.. HUGE cheesy euro producers.. but some of their less known stuff is pretty good and fun.