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Bad Boy (goes on a 3AM) Bill


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ok if i wasn't so fucking tired from shopping all day i might have stayed longer...also i work on sunday so that also put a damper on my mood...
So, i was expecting to see him(BBB) come on around 1ish...bshhhh yeah..whatever...i waited and danced while drunk, stoned losers bumped into me and my gf..asking me if i wanted any e or if i was selling...or burning me with their cigarettes while giving themseleves a fucking light show...

anyways bad boy bill came on finally and started to tear shit up but by that time the sheep were starting to jump over the fence if u know what i mean, and i needed to hit the sac

ps ..good hanging with tribe crew..if u weren't there, jen and i would have killed someone =)


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^^^not bitter just tired =) but i just wished BBB would have gone on alittle earilier..i'm getting old yano


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Well I just walked in myself...

Chris started off the night with some funky disco house and the usual warm-up.

After Chris was done, Dino & Terry started to rip up the place... it was about 11pm when they started, so I assumed 1am-1:30am they'd be done and Bad Boy Bill would be on at prime time.

Waited, waited and waited. Evil P and Dino & Terry went back to back for about 30 minutes. Which was a little harder house to my liking then the earlier stuff.

Finally about 2:45am Bad Boy Bill made his way from the VIP room to the DJ Booth.

He came on with his usual *scratch* *scratch* Bad Boy Bill intro... and opened up with a classic Alanis track. From there it was funky and disco house... and the odd minimal track.

About 3:15 I think a lot of people started to clear out. Probably due to the fact he went on so late, and the bar was now closed.

Overall he was technically sound, scratching here and there, juggling the mixer back and forth and doing the DMC styles he's known for.

But IMO his set was kinda of boring and not what he used to be. Although I'm a huge fan of his older style. His last CD was still a lot more moving then tonight.

I left about 3:45am ... because I was tired and just wasn't grooving enough to keep up all night.

Overall a great night, and nice to see a bunch of friendly Tribe people in the place. But I could of done without a lot of the sketchy people bumping into me.

But I did get a lot of nice photos, even though he was not letting anyone in the booth. And I didn't feel like waiting around for him to be signing autographs.



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wuzzzup kenny! I meant to tell you that if I don't see you before you leave, have a happy birthday and a great trip!



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I thought it was gonna be a long night, when I decided to go so early. But to be on the safe side, well you know. Looks like we're not the only ones who thought like that. The place filled up steadily till it bursting at the seams. Surprised?

I enjoyed Dino & Terry set. I was a little surprised to see Evil P up there at 2am. I thought something was up for sure. But sure enough BBB got on the tables at, oh I can't quite remember...

The first 20-25 minutes were great. Just what I was hoping for. Good enough that I was experiencing frustration over not having the space to dance with, and to such good beats.

After a trip to the ladies room (crowded) the music changed. It was harder, less enjoyable for myself.

This is where I compliment the back room. It always saves me on Saturdays. I always like how it sounds, and there's always room.

But since this is a party review, I suppose I must do more than just tell you about my night. So I'll say the actual party was pretty good. Hype vibe. Happy people, not too many glowsticks...

Nice to see some TBK there. It's always a pleasant surprise!

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I had to say, there was not much originality in the set. I mean its the typical trax of HATIRAS, CZR, the whole IHR crew and what not, but I mean thats whats expected, true house heads know hes gonna play all of it, so its just a night to hear all your favorite tracks live and spun by someone who puts it in a way not many can. Anyways, i was the suttle blue shirted dude who was drunk =)

Met a girl named Kelly, if you read this then good =) cause you were nice to talk to , anyways, GOOD NIGHT OVERALL, dino & terry are still too downtempo for my liking


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I was not feeling 100% when I got home last night, so here's my view on the night.

Enjoyed Dino and Terry's set quite a bit, that's the one that kept me moving the most. Did not like BBB at ALL! Tried to get into it, but it just wouldn't happen. So the little room downstairs kept me entertained.

LOTS of people, and funny ones....
BBB was meh
crowd was meh.
But I was there with good people so it made up for it



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Bad Boy Bill - Setting up needles...

BBB - Mixing it up!

Tweaking it..

Ian & Jen

Futronic Finger (One of many finger shots)

Smiley Jo - PinkAngel getting done - Finger Jay!

Svet & Jo having a drink...

Futronic (No finger?!?!?)

All other images will be hosted on http://groove.ca in the near future.
And other photos of mine... available @ http://pr0nstar.org/photos



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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by pr0nstar:
Smiley Jo - PinkAngel getting done - Finger Jay!

Look look, it's superstar DJ Satori!!

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System wasn't as packed as it was last time he was there... but we didn't get there until 3ish so maybe it was worse earlier in the night?
It was still rammed though!
Coat check was total maddness too.

Saw quite a few people out... and from what I heard of BBB's set he was pretty good.
Mike Drury in the VIP room was wicked as always when you wanted to get away from the main room - and when I got in there he was playing one of my favorite old tracks (anywayz) that I haven't heard in ages which was sweet

a decent night at System!
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Got there pretty late so I didn't catch all of his set, to be completely honest I just wasn't in to it at all, I had a lot more fun in the VIP room listening to sweet house tracks. A fun night was had, I just don't understand all the hype around Bad Boy Bill, I guess to each their own