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Bad Boy Bill @ The Warehouse???

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I didn't get to the party until about 3:30,
as I was having a blast at System...but this is what i saw-

Bad Boy Bill played some O.K. tracks, nothing very hype, and to my surprise he was already walking off the decks at 3:45- and friends told me that he started at 2:15- An hour an a half? What's that all about? Luckily I got my ticket for free from a friend, but that sucks for all the people I know that bought tickets just to see this guy.
Anyways, I did get to go up on stage when Addy started, and he rocked, Very energetic tunes.
The crowd was busy, but sort of dry.... they looked a little spaced out.
But I had a good time, thanks to Jose and Addy for making my night worthwhile, you guys ROCK!