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Bad Boy Bill @ The Drink Nov. 30/00


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All I can say is once again, he was great. As soon as he stepped into the venue, the entire crowd started cheering and anxiously awaited his set.
Hard-pounding house all night long...a truly great party vibe and lots of energy made for another great Rise! event.

An honourable mention to Kenny Glasgow for spinning 2 hours of sick, sick techno and once again, the London massive showed him the love and respect that he so very much deserves.

Can't wait to see who the next Rise! special guest will be!


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Yup! Kenny Glasgow rocked! At least you could dance during his set, I was so frustrated when BBB was on! I can't believe they didn't open the balcony. Greg Benz was great as usual, there was more room in there and it wasn't as hot. Thank God! 'Cuz I was goin' crazy! I LOVE RUCKUS! Say it with me now...I LOVE RUCKUS! Amazing $^#@&*! way to finish off the night! (note to self: I NEED a Ruckus tape!) One more thing, weak drinks = sober Olga by the time I was goin' off!

Thanks Amir and Nabob,


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Oh and, it was nice meeting you Ritika! I hope I spelled that right. OOhhh yeah! London's drawing people from all over!


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Thanks to everyone who came out last night.
An Amazing night all around.

As always your comments and suggestions are appreciated.

Keep an eye out for a small intimate New Years eve event in London.

Next RISE! special event is Feb.1.2001 [After midnight 4 year anniversary]

Talent confirmed for the event is the amazing Richie Hawtin, a ***gigantic***special guest from U.K. I can't let this out yet because it's too good.(Think Renaissance/Cream/Gatecrasher)

Off course all the favorite AMP DJ's from over the last four years.

Once again thank you for your continuous support.
Special thank to my promoter, who worked very hard to make this party happen.



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So due to circumstances beyond my conrtol, I had to leave around 1:00. That being said, I accomplished everything I set out to. First off, special shout out to Greg and Shane, it was a pleasure to be there for your opening song... Greg remember putting your record on 45 when it should be on 33 1/3 is not condusive to a good mix, oh yeah yer Mom rocks. To my man Mladen and my man Amir, thanks for all the hospitality, I wish I could have stayed longer... maybe next time. To everyone supporting the London vibe, cheers.
See Y'all at Ritchie
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Bad Boy Bill has the skills, I think he just needs to remember how to use em.

I was disappointed with the lack of respect people showed to Kenny Glasgow at the end of his set...they cheered on Bad Boy Bill and thats fabulous and all, but Kenny is a classic who always delivers and definately deserves more respect then he was given.

It was great to see the London TBK massive...you guys rule (but you knew that already, Im sure I didnt need to tell ya hehe)


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Awww..... Amir, c'mon, tell us who's this mystery guy from the uk..... just another hint maybe? Cus i'm thinking maybe i'll have to skip work and make a roadtrip up from Ottawa again for it....

aka Crackersnatch

Booty Bits

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i'm embarassed at how many synonyms i had to think of before i got this one.

brain hurts.

more essay. arg.

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