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Backlog of Video Games


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We all have them (well, the folks who are gamers).

We buy games we are excited for, start playing them and stop due to time constraints, or don't even start them at all since since we're still trying to finish something else in the catalog.

Or if your a Steam person you get fooled into buying a shit ton of games when they are rediculously cheap during a steam sale and forget you even got them :p

So how can we manage to finish them all? Or do you even bother and just give up on some of them?

Well I found a nifty site out there that can help organize the backlog:

Search - HLTB

It's a site that documents all games, and their avg times to beat if just doing story, story+extras, completionist etc.

You can log the games you have, look at your backlog and get a good idea/sense of how much time you're looking at to slog through them.
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Aaron Bradley

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That's pretty cool! I fit all of those descriptions from not opening the game, ordering too many on steam or just not getting around to them... maybe even a little ADHT in there too!

So, can you post your progress of your games or just go there for reference for the games you have?


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More for keeping track which games you still have to finish. It's helpful to see the list all in one place and see the typical finish times depending on what you're trying to achieve in the game.

Helps my look at my back catalog and decide what to play next (i.e. do I dive into a long one vs. a shorter one)


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Making progress now in my backlog last few years but still have lots to do!

This is handy link thanks!
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