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Back With The Future : 60 Minutes : Funky House Music

Aaron Bradley

TRIBE Promoter

I'm taking you back to the funky house music sounds of the 90's with today's music. The house music I played back then and play today hasn't changed and still has that high energy along with that funky twist. This is definitely made for long summer drive!




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Levels are off. Otherwise it's a Pete Tong Radio 1 set. 100%.

Aaron Bradley in the mix. Radio one. Live from Ibiza.
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Aaron Bradley

TRIBE Promoter
This if off the hook. I need a download link for this! Bumpin!
Use this to download my mix "Soundcloud Downloader" - which is a plugin you can get @ the Google Play store. Use this for all SoundCloud downloads!

Thanks for the nice comments RumRogerz!