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back like a bad rash


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Hey.. I have a MP3 mix hosted via subverseco (California based MP3 label). If anyone is interested in checking it out take a peek at http://subverseco.com/rs01/ - click on the word simplot on the lower right corner of this page to dl. The mix contains tracks from herbert, atom heart, brinkman, beige, the rip off artist, kero, otto von schirach, and others. It's basically a really fucked up techno leaning downtempo mix.

If anybody is interested in getting a CD copy of this with much better sound quality contact me at purgasmith@earthlink.net - The MP3 mix is only 30 min so I've paired it with a 40 min deep ambient mix with tracks by cats like autechre, kit clayton, low res, phthlaocyanine, twerk, process, the liminal collective, etc. I'll ship you one if you cover the expenses which work out to $7 Cdn.

gsnuff aka ether mann


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atom heart rocks!!!!!!!!!

I have this really weird german/spanish trip hop cd of his. This was a little crazy side project he decided to do apart from his Techno........killer!



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oh man, this mix is deliciously weird! :D
it should have had an accompanying warning label: "WARNING! Contents may devour your brain"