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Bachelor Apt - West Side T.o.

Destro Sanchez

TRIBE Member

since this is where I found my great apartment (thanks phat conductor!)

here's the details:

Bloor Street
Above a dentist office
Freshly renovated- new paint, new bathroom
Hardwood Floors
Backyard (that you'd share with me!)
Quiet Neighbourhood, Close to High Park
Between Dundas West and Keele ON Bloor- great for subways, streetcars, buses, close to downtown for cabs.
Possible parking available (I believe)
Price Chopper, Loblaws, Zellers and lots of shops nearby on Roncesvalles and up in the Junction.

as a bonus feature, you get a great landlord, who actually does repairs and follows through on requests (read: NOT a slumlord) AND two techno-loving, electro-robot neighbours :D;)

$750+Hydro (heat included)

416 533 5440
416 782 6491