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Bacardi Silver


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For some reason I got on the Bacardi email list, I guess cause I was at one of their parties in the fall or something. Anyhow it looks like this drink is going to be in direct competition with Smirnoff Ice (well one rum based one vodka) but from an advertising perspective head-to-head. I'm looking forward to this drink :) :

Bacardi Silver is available in six- and 12-packs of clear, high-shouldered 12-oz. bottles. The frosted applied plastic label features the Bacardi Silver and Bacardi bat device trademarks, along with the words "premium malt beverage with the natural flavors of Bacardi rum and citrus" in black and silver. The Bacardi bat device trademark appears on the label and crown, and is embossed at the neck of the bottle. The Bacardi bat device trademark offers worldwide consumer recognition and is often interpreted as a symbol of mystery and intrigue.

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anyone ever had smirnoff "mule"???

it's a lot like "ice", just not nearly as sweet.

i had a few while i was in the philipinnes a while back and really liked them.

i've never seen any around here before though.
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