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Baby Ford - Basking In The Brakelights


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Well, this was recently released by Force Inc. My copy is coming in soon, can't wait to hear it!!

So, I want to know if anyone else has listened to it yet. If so, what did you think?

Boys, boys...

I thought that a Baby Ford release on Force Inc. was no secret and assumed that at least someone in this forum of "experts" would be able to post something. I was really looking forward to reading their reviews of the album.

Maybe no one cares about the release, who knows?
I hadn't even heard f it oddly enough until you mentioned it...so I took a listen.

It's pretty minimal bleepy stuff but nothing over the top, must have it...only 1 song really stodd out for me B2 I think. It had some odd sounds and was something I wouldn't mind having.

in all i give it a 6/10 and the majority of that 6 came from the one song
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Thank you isoprax!

I thought it was really strange that such a prolific artist like Baby Ford's new release wasn't even mentioned in the techno forum. Of well, maybe because it wasn't ifach, Trelik or Perlon...

to tell the truth everything he does now is kinda blah.

His old acid stuff that I have on Sire and Rephlex etc. is great but the last few years worth of stuff puts me to sleep. Nothing I can't get from a dozen other labels...ie-> he's gone fodder on us. filler tracks. at least this release had one song I would buy. His last album had none.
Hmm... I quite like his last release, I love almost everthing he has ever done, From the 80's until now.

Baby Ford, Baby Ford, Chiki-Chiki-Ah-Ah...

haha :)
funny I love all the new baby ford stuff, except for that one that came out on force tracks. "Sacred Machine" had some awesome Theorem style rollers. I can't wait to hear this one, I started looking for it last week when this thread started but haven't been able to produce anything yet.

Todd...it's not actually new.

I'd never heard of it so I assumed at first it was. You can buy it from Force's website they have the CD in stock still at least.

it's like force inc 66...in other words WAY old

turns out it's an album too. I only found samples for three tracksso once again I assumed it was a single...all this assuming is going to get me into trouble.

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You're right .... all this assuming IS going to get you in trouble, at least with NERDS like me.

Now quoting directly from the Force Inc - Music Works Website you sent me, when I went to look at the release Baby Ford - Built In [FIM245]

I anticipation of his first solo album in over 6 years, FORCE INC. is proud to present a taste of what to expect from BABY FORD's forthcoming full length BASKING IN THE BRAKELIGHTS. For 15 years, this London based legend has released some of the most inventive and provocative techno the world has had the pleasure of hearing. PETER aka BABY FORD continues to raise the bar, offering 3 tracks of minimalistic micro-house that never dulls through epic, gradual momentous builds. Analog warmth adheres to the scope of digital glitch without sounding clinical, while BABY FORD keeps a keen ear for the dancefloor. All tracks appearing on this EP with appear on the forthcoming CD release of BASKING IN THE BRAKELIGHTS (due out November 2003) but shall not be appearing on the vinyl version of the album.

You have the matrix number all wrong ... it's FIM CD 066, much different than FIM 066 which would be Ian Pooley's "Twin Gods EP".

Cheers and happy corrections to all
Finally had a chance to give this a listen!

I won't lie its not for everyone, Baby Ford much like it said in the Ricardo Villalobos video is all about building a sound, and producing some kick ass basslines, and on this he delivers.

Borrowing lightly from the Perlon sound, Baby Ford creates an open atmosphere that continues to drive *my* personal dancefloor. The album itself is light melodic material, with whispers of vocal snippets interlaced into the simplistic drum pattterns which change up at all the right moments. <- This is why I love Baby Ford, he understands how to put you in a groove, and get you excited when the changeup hits.

In much the same way that I believe the only way to listen to the new Plastikman is on a large system, the only way most people will enjoy this release is LOUDLY!

I borrowed this from a friend and have been listening to it a bit lately to check it out.

A little too static for my liking. I mean, I like the grooves, but I feel like they're not taken anywhere much.