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Baby born at Walmart

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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Call her "suck" for short?

Clean up in the placenta aisle... cleanup, placenta aisle. -chhhht.
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The father is a closeted gay stock boy having a love affair with other stock boy.

Rollback Mountain.


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le bricoleur said:
if the baby was a boy she could have gotten his circumcision on a roll back special.

Oy vay! :eek: mohel to aisle 5, mohel to aisle 5. Cleanup in aisle 5 too please.
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When i saw this on the news it made me feel weird, i dont think i would want my mug on tv everyone knowing i shop at wal-mart, i am all for good deals but not giving money to them.

They said there has been a doc. movie of people who have given birth in Wal-mart. gross


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wayne bradbury said:
Does Wal Mart hook them up with shit for the free publicity they get for the baby delivery news coverage?

Only if they have octoplets.

...Lisa needs braces.
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didnt they make aq movie about this, with natalie portman and ashley judd????? i forget what it called

natalie portman is a goddess tho, which is why i even remember anything remotely associated to this movie/thread