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B.L.I.M. (official tour dates)


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BLIM [tcr, track recordings, London England http://www.tcr.uk.com

Wed 8th
Seattle, WA @ EMP

Thur 9th
Los Angeles, CA @ Boombox

Fri 10th
Washington, D.C. @ Buzz

Sat 11th
Charlotte, NC @ Vertigo

Sun 12th
Balitmore, MD @ Sonar Lounge

Mon 13th
Victoria @ Fat Kat

Wed 15th
Edmunton @ Majestic Nightclub

Thur 16th
Atlanta, GA @ Format

Fri 17th
Toronto @ System Soundbar

Sat 18th
San Francisco, CA @ Fusion w/ Eyephunk

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Geez... rackin' up the air miles there!

Across the continent 4 times...

Through US/Canada Customs 4 times...



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Re: re: Dmonic

Originally posted by Draco
Yea, that is what you call a working Dj :)

Pffffffs, whatever dude!!!!
Only I can make comments like that towards dmonic
Anyone else will twisted up and smoked.................alive ;)

btw did you like/get my demo josh??
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just a bit of correction - BLIM will be playing at a club called 'One' not fat kat. Fat kat is the name of the company who are throwing the night. Interestingly, the TCR people had this posted incorrectly too.

Angus Robinson

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Re: nope

Originally posted by Destiny Productions
Maybe just a crappy agent...

Is this a joke??? If so, it would be good to include some sort of smily face or winking dude, or something else to let us know.

I can't believe I just read that...


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Re: Re: nope

Originally posted by DJ Madhatter

Is this a joke??? If so, it would be good to include some sort of smily face

how's this?

can you tell me more about B.L.I.M.? vegetable or mineral???