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B.E.T. on comedy?!


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I once had a history professor assert, “not too many people have the freedom of thought and or expression of it in today’s society; without being totally scrutinized for its contents and use of words…(about ten minutes of explanation)…. Unless of course you’re a black comedian.” Mind you he was a rather conservative Texan, with dismal insight to the Age of Enlightenment. But he does raise some interesting issues of 'censorship' and conformity of thought.

Take for example this guy I recently saw on a montage comedy show on BET.

“I never could understand the children’s story, ‘Goldie Locks and the Three Bears’… I mean she shows up to the bears house, and just unlocks the gate *Forceful entry* She steps on their property *Trespassin’* Goes and opens the door *B&E* - Steps inside their house, *Unlawful entry* Eats their food *theft* and then has the gull to say ‘this porridge is too hot/too cold’ (in prissy white~girlie voice). Then goes upstairs and falls asleep like some crackhed… And you know when young bear sees this girl sleeping in his bed, he gets all aggressive ready to deal with it proper… When Papa bear steps in and says, ‘Boy, don’t you know how much trouble we can get in fo’killin a white girl!!”

I think him and many others (not necessarily black) illustrate the power of comedy, and how truth ought to be derived from its negation. :D