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Azurius users....

TaCk OnE?

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ok, so I'm not new to torrents, but I feel a bit retarded asking this...

all of a sudden I can't figure out how to seed a torrent I've created in the newest version of azurius.

in previous versions, under the open menu there was "torrent file for seeding" which no longer exists.

I have created a torrent file, uploaded it to the tracker, and now what?

I can't figure out how to get it to seed in azurius....even when I create the file and say open torrent for seeding it doesn't...

also, now that you can see package contents when opening torrents, I noticed in that open window there is something that says seeding under open type or whatever....

that doesn't work either.
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TaCk OnE?

TRIBE Member
yah, I understand that.

what I'm saying is, how do you tell azurius that the torrent file is to be seeded, not downloaded.

before, you could open it and say open for seeding, now, it doesn't have that choice.

I want to know how you open a torrent for seeding only in the new version of azurius.

it's really counter-intuitive


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download the torrent from the site you uploaded it to

save into the root directory of where your torrent directory is located

that's how you seed

you literally download the torrent to seed

TaCk OnE?

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well, tha'ts not working either.

before you could open a file "for seeding" and you point out the directory and it went....now it's all knackered.

ah well, thanks anyway....that's not working for me though....
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