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Azureus issue.


TRIBE Member
I've been having an issue with Azureus lately involving NAT errors. I'm running it behind the windows firewall, on an annonymous (stolen) wireless network. Every port i have tested comes up with a nat error. Going through thousands of port tests is kind of impractical, so does anyone know of a way to get around this and quickly find which ports will work properly.

Aside from that, does anyone have any suggestions for other good torrent clients that can get around the nat issue easily? (i'd use sharezza, but for some reason it and firefox dont integrate with each other very well)

any help would be appreciated.


TRIBE Member
use a port scanner to find an open port?

or break into this guy's router and forward a port to your ip


TRIBE Member
It takes about 5 minutes to properly set up a wireless router. Why no one does it is beyond me. I for one am not complaining, given my extreme enjoyment with hanging out in coffee shops and (ab)using wireless networks. :)
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