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~Aye Ko~ New Thundah mix :)


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Hey new mix I threw down this week is available,
you just haft to contact me over msn tuesdaysfather@hotmail.com
or wait till next week when Sen puts it up on

and makes Aye Ko the month of love mix at rinse it! :p
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Wikked...been a while since I heard a THUNDEROUS SET...

will check it out some time tonite



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sorry my decks are recs are at a friends so I don't have luxury of making one till i go over and figure out all the names.. i'm sure sen could do it for me just by listening!
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Should be fairly accurate! :p

1. Craig David - World Filled With Love - Spoonface Remix, White
2. Architechs - Show me the Money - Salsa Money Mix, Go Beat
3. Beyonce &Sean Paul - Baby Boy - Likkle Man Refix, White
4. DND Dub Essentials EP, White
5. Timberland & Magoo ft. Missy Elliot - "Cop Dat Sh#t!", White
6. Billy Crawford - Trackin' - DND Full Vocal Remix, V2
7. Sticky feat. 3rd Edge - Who Are You - Vocal mix, Social Circles
8, Artful Dodger & Robbie Craig - Woman Trouble - PD Remix, Public Demand
9. MJ Cole - I'll Be OK - MJ Cole remix, Defected
10. Scandalous Unlimited - What Is Power - StayLocked Recordings
11. NIMO feat. Nana - FUNKY (My Love Is All You Need) - Funk Logic Mix, Gorgeous Music
12. George D & Maxim - About 2 Remix - Faithful, Sunday Sessions Recordings
13. Jaimeson feat. Xana - Complete - 4x4 remix, V2
14. Agent X - Crunch - Heatseaker Recordings
15. B-15 Project feat. Crissy D & Lady G - Girls Like Us - Original (Full Length Version), Relentless Records
16. Misteeq - Why - Matt Jam Lamont & DJ Face Classic Vox Mix, React
17. Doneo - Falling - Vocal Mix, Social Circles
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