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AVB @ The Guv - April 13th/2002

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room

Special K

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i might go
not because i want to see armin, more so to say goodbye to main room of guv as that is the last week b4 they shut down for renovations!!!

*sob*wipes tear away from eyes*sniff*

aaaaa the memoroes...
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i'll be there

missed him last nov. at sonic state. And from the sounds of it i will be kicking myself if i miss him twice in a 6 month period!


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well i'm going. although i have fond memories of the last time he was here, i don't really care that he is coming. but it will be fun cos of the people i am going with. honestly, everything's going to all seem a little blah after friday :(
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That's because most Tribers would rather swim in Lake Ontario in April rather than go to Guvernment (especially to hear trance). :)
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Pffft...as if id miss Armin. :rolleyes:

Should be alot of fun though, Armin's great...last time i was at Guv tho (..to see Ferry - not *a* fairy, but Ferry Corsten :D), it was a little too packed for my ass...hope its not like that again!

Ahh well...thats why The Drink is there, to escape the madness! :D



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No...I'm doubting that it might not be as packed as usual.
But I'm still going, therefore exhibiting by ever-lasting faith in Armin.

See you there.
Hope you have a sweaty muscle-man pressed up against you. :p

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