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Available - Freelance Transcriber


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I figured I'd post this here since I'm always looking for more clients to provide transcription services to. If anyone knows any academics, doctors, research departments, lawyers or production coordinators on tv shows and marketers that need help, feel free to refer me. I have references to for the quality and speed of the work. People can outsource to India but I will work personally with the client and can provide 100% accuracy (India is 60%).

Experienced transcriber seeking research departments to provide paid transcription services in qualitative research projects or any sort of interview transcription.

Extensive experience transcribing audio interviews and focus groups for qualitative research studies including St. Michael's Hospital, CAMH, University of Toronto and Proper Television.

Fast turnaround, 100% accuracy with knowledge of medical and academic terminology. Able to work with researcher's needs, budgets and deadlines. Competitive compensation rate for non-profits and public sector either billed per hour or per document. I do not charge HST to academic researchers and hospitals.

Available 24/7 to complete long-term and single projects as needed. Please contact me directly at sunnydark33@gmail.com or PM me to discuss your project needs. References from CAMH and St. Michael's Hospital available.

Sunny Fong :)

(Yes, this is what I do for a living now)
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