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av a listen..

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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Nice sounding track, not my style, but i was digging this though, but the track is way too long, shorten it. I like the vocals alot.

You wouldnt Want to hook a brother up with the vocals, would you?;) :D ;)


TRIBE Member
.... UHHH no..

Sorry, I need to keep this on the dl till I get it pressed. Im on the hunt as we type.

Thanks for the feedback though:cool:


TRIBE Member
Yeah, very nice vocals.

It needs little transitions every 4 or 8 bars. The beats stay too plain. Just a little syncopated snare or something would do the trick, imo.
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TRIBE Member
I like the sound -- very 80s. Interesting sounds with some history behind them. The vocals do fit well with the feeling of the track, again I'd say heralding from some 80s synth-pop influences. :)

A bit long overall and a bit too long between transitions in my opinion. I think the arrangement could be reworked a bit to keep listener interest, but of course if destined for the dancefloor, there's lots of room to mix the track.

Not my usual fare but overall I'd say well done. :)