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Aurium Release event @ Bacchus Lounge Fri the 13th.


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Friday night was absolute craziness.

It was nice and busy and it was definitely a great crowd.
The music was of course fabulous and shook the asses of all.

The crew and I got there a little late so we missed out on Andy Capp's set but I'm sure it was fantastic and full of fabulous funkiness!
Greg threw down some slick tunes and got the crowd shaking to his beat and then some.

Huge congrats go out to Benz & MD for your efforts production-wise, the record label launch and for letting us all share in your celebration of achievement.

Cheers to you boys and the greater success to come!

There were so many great faces out! The night was just about perfect I would say. I wish it could have gone on forever.
What a vibe it was!

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greg and marco are mos def doing wicked things to help keep canada on the map..

theyve been working hard the last year and a bit and im really glad its paying off for them. they deserve everything theyre getting right now.