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Audioworks Friday Night!


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Well, it was a fine way to go out! In style
Well done Matt!

Audioworks was packed! Amazingly people were still arriving after 1:30! It got full, then emptier. The music was good, beaker had a great set. I forgot her name (Lady Bass?), but there was a girl DJ there, spinnig techno; great set, and not unpleasant to look at either. I thought it was terribly ironic that EYE Magazine (out of the loop as usual) selected Audioworks that night as one of the "best bets" for going out!!

The pissing rain all night was not fun though. Wierd how that works.



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amazing how such a tiny place can hold such a huge vibe!

I had so much fun on Friday night... best club night I've had in a while... and NO I was *not* drunk.

one more time?? see you next week?? do it again guys... please?!?!

the Lady Bass?

Red Hot!

anybody know this happy dude??

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i'm sure we'll be doing something like this again. although it definitely won't be on a regular basis. i'll keep ya posted for sure though.

and if you're online between 6 and 8 tonight, tune in to hear us on www.twelveinch.com for our new weekly radio show


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it was indeed a great way to go out.
Matt and Pete had a sweeet set.
and I met new tbkers.. cool
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*+lady bass+*

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thanks for posting the pictures

it is wierd that they are all without ken who i played b2b with
he is cute too you know.

anyways, beaker knows how to through an awesome night! can't wait for the next one.




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honest I did not plan the photos... they just happened in a drunken flurry... notice there are none of ME and I'm cute too!

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Hey nice pic!

Lady Bass and I will be spinning again at Audio Werks Friday Nov. 2nd.