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Audiogalaxy and VX2 spy-ware.

Subsonic Chronic

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An interesting article from Portal of Evil.


Apparently this VX2 spyware installs itself with the Audiogalaxy Satellite software and tracks everything that you do on the web. Not just where you go and what you do, but what you fill in fields, including emails, forms on web pages, etc...

<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">The bottom line is that Onflow and Audio Galaxy are being purposefully misleading. When you install Audio Galaxy, it should clearly state that if you install this software, we are going to grab data from every form you submit and send it back to our servers for storage. Popups be damned - what Onflow and Audio Galaxy have done is well past the annoyance level of popups. It's bad that they've invaded your online privacy, but it's worse that they've attempted to hide what they're actually doing.</font>

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Smiley Jo

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What the hell?

I just installed Audiogalaxy.
Is it really keeping track of everything I do?

Eww, that's creepy.



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I've been trying to figure out my recent pop-up problem and now it makes sense! It really pisses me off that they have been gathering info without me knowing it! Damn agreements... better start reading them thoroughly from know on!

All I can say is audiogalaxy is being removed when I return from work!


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I'm not sure where I stand on this issue. I think people are underestimating the sustainability of peer to peer networks. For one thing, people are expecting free fast service for obtaining pirated music. If the only way that companies can provide this for users is for them to sell marketing data, then is it a fair exchange? I agree that installing spyware secretively is wrong, but simple tools such as lavasoft's ad aware can get rid of most of this shit. But at the same time, people have to recognize that unless there is some way to make things profitable for the network providers, things like peer to peer sharing are always going to be in some state of chaos. Bandwidth, servers, etc. all cost money, and since people aren't paying for mp3's, that money has to come from somewhere.


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i would pay $5 a mo. for an ad-free spam-free pro-version of audiogalaxy. i wouldn't pay $5 for any network that limits who is online... the whole power of the network is the sheer amount of people out there. but then again i really question whether i'd spend money knowing that they're walking this ethical tightrope without a clean conchenz.

all i really want to know is if ad-aware fully rids a system of ALL the spyware that comes with AG... cuz frankly if you don't take a precaution you deserve to get burned sometimes
then again i keep getting pop-ups from ilostjob.com for no reason i can understand...
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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by deep:
Bandwidth, servers, etc. all cost money, and since people aren't paying for mp3's, that money has to come from somewhere.


You make good points deep, but if what POE says is true, then VX2 goes far beyond what's acceptable. Apparently it goes beyond collecting information on your web usage and plaguing you with pop ups by retrieving everything you type into web forms and sending it back to their servers. VX2's web site claims that sensitive data like credit card numbers and banking information won't be recorded (they don't say, however, how they do that), but frankly I'm highly suspicious of a company who's contact info is a hotmail address.

I first read of this a little while ago on another board. I installed audiogalaxy a few months ago, so I searched my system and found the vx2.dll file. I had sent web based email and done internet banking on that machine. For all I know, some mysterious company was collecting some potentially sensitive information about me and I had absolutely no idea. This was with regular scans with Adaware. . . it didn't catch it, and I check for reference file updates at least once a week. I don't know if adaware is catching the vx2 file now, because I removed it manually.

So, yeah, I'm a little bitter/freaked out about the whole thing. Now I'm reading through the click-through standard form contracts of everything I install (hidden away towards the end, the audiogalaxy contract informs people that by installing audiogalaxy they're also installing this vx2 thing), but I don't really think that's a fair solution. . . even if people do read them, many computer users (myself included) don't have the technical or legal knowledge to make sense of the terms, so they end up agreeing to something that they don't really understand.

But that's a whole other topic, so I'll end my tangent now.