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Audio Launch Party @ NASA


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Hey guys!

Great night had by all - even though it got a little crowded - It was an awesome night - Danced non-stop to my favorite boys spinning. Can't wait till the art show party on the 3rd at Nasa.

Thanks for coming out Par-T & Time - great to see you again!!


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It was probably one of my best nights @ nasa. The funniest thing was watching my friends get splashed in the face with their own beer because it was so packed!

Sorry I left befoer the end but dutie was calling me!


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All I can say is WOW!!!

Thanks to everyone who made this night so special.

I had such a great time. Everytime I looked up from behind the decks it seemed like the crowd kept growing.

I know it was a little packed in there, but man the vibe was so live I don't think I would have wanted it any other way.

Thanks to everyone who danced their asses off.

You helped us throw the most successfull event @ NASA this year..

Looking forwad to the next one, and of course the 2nd annual AUDIO art show on April 3rd..




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Holy Smokin' Dudes............talk about a party............YEAH BABY.
SENSEi that mix of Frankie Goes to Hollywood...WICKED....:D

The place was packed, couldn't move, so I never left my spot on the dance floor :D, not that I'm complaining.... The music was fucking H.O.T.

If only the Smirnoff Ice's didn't go down so fast, I might have been able to stand at the end of the night............

Another job well done...... ;)


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I've been saying it all along, A good party is about having fun! Toronto's locals know how to throwdown, who needs headliners? I've seen them all anyway...
I'll leave those to the rookies and spend my time and money making the scene what it should be.... about the party.....

Thanks to everyone that came, it was alot of fun. I hope everyone met some new faces and had a good time....

See you @ the next one.

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Par- T

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Thanks to everyone involved for an excellent night, great tunes, happy people ....
But then it's always a good party at NASA when Audio is thowing it. Only drawback was a complete lack of space to move, but how can you complain about a night being a total success?
Yea to FGTH, some 80's goodness funked up for the double-O-2!

Good to see you out Spaz and nice to meet some new people.


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Thanks again to everyone that made it out, as the pic's show you are the party...