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Audio Galaxslow

Cheap Ego

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Anyone know why Audio Galaxy seems to download only one track at a time, despite having many high availability tracks selected?

The Symo transfers setting is already at 10.

Any ideas?


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mine used to do that too,

but all of a sudden (today) it started transferring all my requested files at once.


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I've never had AG download more than 1 at a time. Rather annoying, but I can't bitch, it has everything, just takes a little time.
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You're a hot lesbo pic.
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Dude... I hear you.

I posted this shit weks ago. I only go on it now when I know a bunch of songs to download. I pick one and like 2 days later it starts. If you're downloading a bunch of them the first few take forever but after that the seem to come along.

*not edited for spelling and / or grammer * :p
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feisty boy

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i think stargurl's right - mine started dl'ing 4 at a time as soon as i got enough shared files in my folder.

right now i'm dl'ing a mix at 107 kbps - a new record for audiogalaxy, to say the least!

i've found their speeds to be a lot better in the past 2 or 3 months.