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Audio Equipment Auction

Dr Trance

TRIBE Member
This should probably be in the Buy and Sell Forum...except I have nothing to do with it...

But when I got the notice I figured that some of you may be interested, especially because there are dozens of headsets in amongst the bigger ticket items being offered.

McLear Audio...one of Toronto's major recording studios, has gone out of business and they are holding an auction to get rid of all their equipment.

Anybody who has any interest should check out the link below.



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I walked by there this morning and have been researching it online since. They are getting rid of absolutely everything. Great way to get stuff cheaply for the small studio owner.

Here is the link to the liquidator


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argh, i have a session that day but this would be a really good opportunity for my work. maybe i can get someone else to go in my place.

thanks for posting the link.