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Audio Bullies - Ego war (SO HYPE!)

TaCk OnE?

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I suppose this is the room to put this thread in, although an argument could be made for others.

a friend of mine dubbed me a copy of this cd for christmas, and I have to say it's one of the best things to come my way in a long time.

for those who're interested, the production is tight and ranges from classic house, to speed-garagey type break beats all with this really hype half rapped half sung naive sort of british vocals...really really cool.

I've been told it sort of resembles "the streets" which I'm not too familiar with, but is less destinctly ukg and more on it's own tip.

for anybody who IS FAMILIAR with this album...please, recommend something similar to it that I can pick up on CD rather than vinyl if you could...I'm really liking this style, and would love to get something in the ballpark (which I'm still unable to label exactly)

pick this album up if you can...it's really fresh....not sure how old it is, so maybe everybody is going to be all "old news" but if not, it's worth you time, honestly.

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They did an Essential Mix last year that's in a similar vein, it was from January. You'd probably also like the Switch Essential Mix from earlier this year.