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Audio art show tonight!


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Hi everybody, I just wanted to let you know about something very special we are throwing this Wednesday. Audio productions is proud to host several paintings from local artists as part of our monthly Network party. Artists Janine Jones, Fatima Mechtab, Nicole Sullivan and Mike D will be showing several pieces from their private collections, some of these pieces will be made available for sale. Please feel free to come by between 9-10pm to view all of these wonderful pieces and meet the artists who created them.
From 10pm on residents Syke, SENSEi & Lee Osborne will be gracing the decks bringing us their unique blend beats. Admission is free all night.

Location: Nasa
609 Queen St W (e of Bathurst)
info 416-562-5848
e audioproductions@rogers.com

Come out for your monthly dose of culture,
Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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daring Kyfe!!

Can't wait for tonight!! Be there early to get good look at the art & shannon - the hot bartender that won one of the best bartenders in Toronto!! Way to go Shannon & Nasa won as well. well see you folks tonight!!

SpazGirl :D


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heres the flyer

see you there,