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attn web nerds

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seems like i'm just confusing a lot of uncaring people as usual. pardonnez moi, i thought there were some people here who may have known...
so what's left to do except hijack one's own thread?



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dont lather sympathy upon me! you tribe clones are the television programmed trend-following gap-fucking whores of babylon... pity YOURSELVES, haha

PS it is my humour that is most often misunderstood... the rest is fairly straightforward, honestly
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hey dude!

sorry I was so brief at Krome.. we were on our way out and I had been there much much longer then I intended.. thank you rich. :p

hopefully we'll see each other this summer in a barn or field or something.

Peace & love. D


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barn barn barn

only there REALLY needs to be a "no helicopters allowed" sign up or something
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Originally posted by kodos
anyone know any tricks or clever uses for this mod_rewrite thing? explained here:


and of course, i mean ASIDE from preventing bandwidth theft, what is this good for.. ;)

Well, sure you can block images from outside referer's - but other than that it can be handy if you run a site that gets a lot of downloads and you want to prevent the majority of people from using download accelerators from getting the content - there are ways around it by masking the referer but not everyone bothers to fuck around with their settings.

A Users Guide to URL Rewriting with the Apache Webserver is a good read with many examples of where you'd use rewrite stuff.. (That link was at the bottom of the link you provided too BTW, but I figure you're lazy like me and don't wanna bother sifting through a bunch of trash, so you might have missed it ;) )