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Attn Promoters: Dave London And Filthy Rich!


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Why not just email YesMate instead?

I think they'd prefer to go through their own agents.....

Unless your looking at combining funds to bring them up.

Which I would suggest.

Dave is an A1 guy and brings in some nice funk when he throws 2 records together.

Haven't met Rich yet...but his mixes are tight from what I've heard.


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I've actually been asked to help out with Toronto bookings for the them as they are friends of an associate of mine. So when looking for them to hit Toronto talk to myself as I'm sure I have better rates which = a better deal.
Filthy Rich has only been to Toronto once thus far and played a set completely made of breaks remixed trance and progressive anthems. He, himself wants to play to a more rave oriented crowd rather than the clubber crowd he played to.



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