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Attn M$ there are 733t H4ckz0rz in your ba2e killin all your d00dz


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I remember seeing a similar video when 360 first came out, but I think this one is newer. I'd have to say that it did not take very long to crack. The real question is, can you play burned games on Xbox live. If not, I feel that will be the greatest deterrent for piracy.

Although, I had the xcuter chip for the first xbox, and I could turn off the chip and buy the games I wanted to play online.

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here's my thought

it's an incredibly complex and pain in the ass hack, and it STILL only runs signed code by microsoft

which pretty much means for now, only copied games work.


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it's not that complex / pain in the ass

all they did was unsolder one chip on the dvd-rom and change the asm code on it so it skips past the "xbox dvd" check

what was complex about it was sorting through the bin/hex to figure out where exactly the check was

once that's done, they can easily even re-program the chip without removing it at all (this is what they are working on now, from what i read on their official thread at the xbox hacker forums)

of course this info is useless to 99% of xbox owners because these guys aren't releasing their modified software to the public! if it does get out, it won't take long for somebody to start manufacturing a tool to read/write to the chip without having to take it out, and once that's out there, it will spread to all the current xbox/ps modders out there


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Here's what I think. If you've got your 360 on the net, Live can easily send you a flash utility and reflash your DVD drive, undoing this hack. Even replacing the drive firmware with a signed one and a new check for the dashboard.