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ATTN London trance heads...


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This Thursday night, Feb.7th, starting around 9:00 or 10:00, I'll be spinning 5 - 6 hours of non stop progressive, hard and of course the good ol classic trance at the newly opened Kings Campus, located at 181 King Street (between richmond and clarence)
(hey, I'll probably be laying down some techno too

Cover is free until 11:00
Crazy sound system, lasers, sweet lights..come on out and have some drinks. It'll be a good time.

Blake Sutherland

(e-mail me if ya have any questions)


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Kings Campus? Hmmm...maybe we'll check it out. You played at JP's halloween party didn't you?



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Times got switched around and now I'll only be playing for 3 hours, starting at midnight!
before me, some funky old school house.

See ya there,