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Attn J-Jive: Kaskade remix of Floetry

Chicago Kid

TRIBE Member
Dude - heard this on BPM on my XM Radio in my car the other day...WOW, fucking awesome. Does anyone have any info on this, like if it's been/getting released?

Has anybody heard it...kinda cheezy with all the vox, but I fucking loved it...so uplifting. Can't remember the name of the tune, but hotttdamn! Somebody tell me where I can get it. :eek: :D

Jeremy Jive

TRIBE Member
I'm so out of the loop and busy with school that I haven't even heard it yet. It's probably somewhere in the pile of stuff.

Maybe I'll get myself motivated after mid-terms.
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this has very little to do with music, but...

when i worked in a coffee shop in Melbourne I met this dj (can't remember his name) who knew the Floetry girls and gave me their CD before it had even come out big in England.

he tried to lick my ass.
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Chicago Kid

TRIBE Member
Can't find this anywhere - to buy, or even just a clip. Anybody got any sources for me to just here a clip?...I gotta feed this urge!