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Attn: Canadian Breaks Labels/Producers

Angus Robinson

TRIBE Member
I am now providing breakbeat 12" reviews for URB magazine and Klublife magazine. Any producers or labels who are interested in having record(s) reviewed by your's truly, please get in contact with me (angus@releaserecords.com). I need the material 3 months in advance. I am currently doing reviews for June's URB issue, and the deadline for submissions for this issue is Monday Mar 1.


Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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I'm niether a producer or a label :) but I had to send a big congrats for this news.

Nice one Angus! Should be some great exposure for what's being done here in Canada......

Keep it up!


Angus Robinson

TRIBE Member
Thanks adam! Yeah, I'm going to make sure that Canadian labels get some good exposure and promotion. A little more o' that never hurt!

So all you producers and labels out there, be sure to keep me posted on what's coming out when! ...like I said, there's a 3 month lag.