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Attn:buddy Holly Aka Ltrain...


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...you left these at my house,Id mail em ou to ya but as you can understand I don't want to touch em;)


Buddy Holly

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Actually. yes....But if my memory serves me correct. You let me borrow Dougs GREEN SOCK, because I forgot mine. (That would explain the CONSIDERABLY smaller sock picture.):) MY green sock is a great, big GREEN Hockey sock.



Buddy Holly

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^^^^Yeah...she told me about that.

She said" Gee, Todd, what a SMALL little sock you have".....

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! :)

Buddy Holly

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Originally posted by isoprax
odd...those socks look more like my 'head' warmers ;)

^^^.....So you have two heads?????.......


That's okay I think Todd and Doug are into the freaks of nature thing.:)


(Two heads are better than one)


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Originally posted by d.code
ya'll know what they say about a guy with big socks right?

He likes to bend over to pull them up alot?

I'm just wingin' it here, no idea ???


jeff -> if by freaks of nature you mean the opposite sex .. well then the answer is YES.